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William & Hannah’s Love Story

May 2, 2022



William and Hannah Engaged Couple

Meet William and Hannah

Met: Fall 2015
Engaged: December 21, 2021
To Be Married: June 17, 2022

How did you first meet?

We met at our home church in Sunday school, got to know each other through small groups on Sunday nights, and served together in the church.

When did you know you were in love?

Hannah- I accidentally said it out loud to my parents 2 months into dating and knew right then it had to be true.

William- It was a slow realization for me the November after we started dating. I remember thinking “oh she's even more awesome than I thought she was.”

What attracted you to your fiance?

Hannah - When he passionately talked about Jesus in Sunday School.

William - Watching her lead worship and recognizing that was how she was living not just a stage performance.

What are 3 things you love about your fiance?

Hannah - his heart for the Lord, the way he loves learning, his love for me

William - her love of learning and desire to make things beautiful, how she loves the Lord and how it flows into her relationship, and how she loves others

What are some memorable experiences you’ve had as a couple?

William- On our second anniversary I got Hannah tickets to see Aladdin on traveling broadway! We also went to a lot of concerts together (Hannah hadn’t been to any prior to us dating)!

Hannah - leading worship together at church and our first beach trip together

Share a time when you had to work through a hard circumstance or conflict?

The first summer after dating Williams grandpa passed, and we needed to navigate heavy grief together. Deciding where to go to school and life transitions through a pandemic.

William - in all of these circumstances I saw consistency in Hannah and her ability to be there for me and be an encouragement.

Hannah- I  learned whatever was going on William was a sense of comfort and safety for me.

How are you currently preparing your hearts for marriage?

Currently, we are doing a devotional study called “Preparing Our Hearts For Marriage” by Gary Thomas. We are also making sure each other is staying physically and spiritually healthy. In addition, we are doing marriage counseling with an older couple from our home church.

What are some resources you are using or are going to use?

“Preparing Our Hearts For Marriage” by Gary Thomas

“I Said This You Heard That” by Kathleen Edelman

Reading the bible and praying for/with each other

Write a prayer for your fiance(e) that we can share to encourage others

Hannah - I am praying for William as we prepare for marriage that we never lose sight of the joy and anticipation that we have leading up to the wedding and we treasure that feeling always. I have also been praying that the Lord continues to prepare our hearts to be first focused on Him and that all the glory goes to Him. I have specifically been praying that the Lord equip William to be the leader of our family and that we both seek the Lord for peace in this time of exciting change!

William -  As we prepare for marriage and for our wedding day, I am praying that Hannah will be overwhelmed by joy, rather than being overwhelmed by planning and organizing. I am also praying that we would seek Christ as each of our first love and that we would run to him first and in every circumstance. I have also been specifically praying that she would continue to strive after the Lord's will for her as she continues to become the woman that the Lord wants her to be.

What are you looking forward to specifically about your wedding?

Hannah- getting to see the culmination of the last five years of our relationship, getting to glorify the Lord,  and of course, seeing the planning come together.

William - learning how to worship the Lord in a new way and continue to glorify him through our relationship.

What do you want people to see or experience at your wedding?

Hannah- I want people to see what it looks like to have a Christ-like wedding and witness what marriage is truly meant to be.

William- I want people to hear the gospel and witness marriage as it was intended for in the Bible.

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